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Locks and Keys

Locks are almost the first thing to get lost or broken - if you can't get into that case please do not use a big screwdriver - you will only break something. Quite a lot of sewing machine cases can be opened with a small flat screwdriver to turn the lock; so try that, GENTLY, first. If the lock has a "keyhole" shape inside then your best bet may be a local antique dealer - they all have lots of odd wardrobe and box keys and may be able to find one that will do.
And NEVER, EVER carry the case by the handle, locked or not - the handle is to lift off the lid - otherwise you WILL break a toe... and probably the machine....
All the locks have been oiled and work...
See also the CATCHES and LATCHES page
Page updated 15th July 2017 by a mixture of extreme cunning and a large shovel.

CALO076 Singer drawer or treadle flap type lock (slot key type); £5
Not shown but astonishingly similar; CALO076a; square key type, also; £5
Jones Lock
CALO103 Jones Medium CS Treadle lock with key; £20.00

CALO039 Pfaff lock with nice original key and bits; £20
Spring Catch
CA037 Spring Catch; £4

CALO097 Harris 2H box lock with key and bits, good; £20

CA050 Singer turn-catches; £4 each

CALO099 Singer square-key lock; £15


Length in inches

New Keys

CA175 B C
CA175 New, for Frister Rossman, Vesta, most TS machines
If you look in the hole and it needs a key-shaped key, this is almost certainly it..
B; Plain, 2-1/8" gold metal; £3.50
C; Plain 2-1/8" grey metal £3.00
These are also good for wardrobes..

Singer Keys

CALO002 Singer flat/notched 96507, 2"; Out of stock
Please note that the locks these open will work just fine with a small flat screwdriver..
Also, not shown, CALO001 plain end type 87363; £8.50 each: ;

Flag (Skeleton) keys

CALO112 Frister and Rossman or Naumann flag key; £9.50
CALO113 key, German flag locks; £5.00
CALO115 key, German flag locks; £ each
CALO126 Albro key; £6.50
CALO128 Flag key Sigma; £8.00
CALO115 key, German flag locks; £ each
CALO108 Wheeler and Wilson Treadle key; £15.00
CALO118 Lucas Ignition key; £4.50

Square-ended keys

CALO100; £9.50

CALO030 - Repro (made by me) square keys for various types of lock; £3 each

Triangular-ended keys

CALO064 2"; £6.50

CALO061 2"; £6.50

CALO060 2"; £6.50

CALO006 2-1/4"; £6.50

CALO057 2", triangular; £6.50

CALO094 Bradbury?; £10

Flat keys

CALO068 1-3/8"; £2

CALO067 1-1/2" "Meyers 54"; £2

CALO066 1-5/8"; £1.50

CALO013 1-1/4"; £2.50

CALO044, marked "Made in England", 1-1/8"; £1

Cheney and Other Case keys

CALO029 Bernina green case, 1-1/2"; £5 each

CALO041, marked "11", 1-3/8"; £2

CALO45a, for Cheney case catch, 1-1/4"; £2

CALO045b, as 045a but unmarked; £1

Odd keys

CALO108 Wheeler and Wilson Treadle key; £15.00
CALO118 Lucas Ignition key; £4.50 each

CALO026, from wind-up toy, 1-1/4"; £1

Lock and Catch Plates

CALO109, Singer base plate with pips , 60 x 13mm; £1

CA059, Singer for attaching extension tables 96896, 58 x 11mm; £1

CA097, with flap 124516, 47 x 11mm; £1

CALO049 49 x 10mm; £1

CALO050 18mm; 75p

CALO051 22mm; 75p

CALO055 46 x 11mm; £1

CALO052 18 x 21mm; 75p
Vickers plates
CALO104 Vickers plates 58x12 48x12; £2.50
Jones CS plates
CALO070, Jones CS lock plates; £4.00
CALO124 Singer lock plate shiny; £1.50
CALO125 Singer lock plate; £1.50


CALO121 Brass Naumann Escutcheon with pins; £7.50
CALO035 Escutcheon plate Art Nouveau; £5.00

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