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Emailing Me - please read this page before you do so...

If you have any doubts about the make, model, or age of your machine, it really helps if you send an image.
Preferably of the actual machine, not one a bit like it from the web, please. And if it doesn't say "Singer" on the front it isn't a Singer machine.. In the email, please, not as any kind of peculiar file

I don't have much to do with modern plastick machines. This is for two reasons: firstly I don't like throwaway items: secondly, I really don't like throwaway items

I now have a tame electrickery man, so we do now have a lot of pedals, motors, and stuff see HERE

Mostly commonly replaced parts are available all over the place. I can get needles, rubber tyres for bobbin winders, treadle belts, springs, regular and zip feet, etc. at my local sewing machine shop, and so can you. They are never going to stop being available while there is a market, so please ask locally first. If you really can't get the part I will source for you, but it helps the world to run better if everyone understands that newer is not necessarily better...
Don't let your sewing machine man tell you that he can't get stuff, he can...
And DON'T let him persuade you to junk your machine, please
For all other parts, I need to know the Make, Model, and approximate age of your machine (serial number), and precisely which bit is broken/missing. Again, if you don't know, please ask...

It also helps a lot if you tell me where you are. I ship all over the world, and need to know for postage. Even the most far-reaching places can be posted to

Now you can Click here to email me..
I read mail several times every day and I'm good at replying..
IF I DON'T GET BACK TO YOU QUICKLY YOUR EMAIL MAY BE BLOCKING MINE. If you have an Earthlink account that demands I prove my humanity I probably won't bother. I know I'm good. WHITELIST ME!!
- and check your spam folder, please.
I'm always happy to answer queries, but please read the Advice and Buying A Machine pages first.
My address is:-
Helen Howes
Helen Howes Sewing Machines
4, The Raveningham Centre, Beccles Road, Raveningham, Norfolk, NR14 6NU. United Kingdom
01508 548137
Mobile 07914 676 182 (business hours, please)
From outside the UK dial:- 0044 1508 548137
I'm open 11 till 5 every day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays