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Oh, dear, the Case Parts pages have got out of hand again..I have divided it all up so follow the links, please

Locks and Keys and Lock Plates
Catches and Latches
Case Feet and Corners and Oddments
Oil Cans and Can Holders


These do as they say, holding the machine down so that they won't drop onto your foot when you lift it up by the arm.. Turn aside to get at the underneath..
As with the hinges, I do not know what some of these fit. If in doubt please measure precisely what you need.

CA066 Jones CS £2

CA068 Big Singer 128 (early) Out of stock.

CA069 Singer £1

CA070 £1

CA075 Brass £1

CA076 Late Singer £1

CA079 Vesta TS £2

CA082 plastic; 50p

CA083 plastic 50p

CA084 £1

CA086 base £1

CA087 Toyota 2700EC1 £1.50

CA088 Cresta £1

CA148 £1

CA147 Singer 128 £1.50

CA146 Jones 568 £1

CA145 Alfa £1.50

CA142 Hexagon, with felt washer £2

CA099 Screw to hold the base on with Plastic Singers, domed; 50p

CA100 Screw to hold the base on with Plastic Singers, flat; 50p
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