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Oh, dear, the Case Parts pages have got out of hand again..I have divided it all up so follow the links, please

Locks and Keys and Lock Plates
Catches and Latches
Case Feet and Corners and Oddments
Oil Cans and Can Holders


Because someone (who shall be nameless) put all the hinges in a box without individual labels, I do not know what some of these fit. And some cases (and therefore hinges) are not machine-specific anyway..
If in doubt please measure precisely what you need.
Prices for pairs unless it says otherwise. Sorry, no single hinges unless listed, but I do have a few oddments for bolt and other spares
Page updated and tickled to hysterics, 4th February 2014

CA120 no nuts £3

CA121 Singer 128 £3.50

CA122 Singer 128 £3.50

CAHI001 Singer domed-lid inner box with catch and screws £2.50

CAHI003 Flat treadle flap with screws, Singer 66 £5

CA129 Notch hinges - these come frome the underneath of Singer 12s and some other machines - I think they are for positioning machines in portable cases on top of a treadle; £7.50 for three; odd ones £2.50
(Note, thanks to Nick C for the upgrade on this information)

CAHI004 Singer 66 treadle flap £5

CAHI005 Treadle flap, Singer possibly 15 class, with paper spacers; £5

CAHI006 Pfaff cabinet w screws £5
CAHI006a, similar, 26 inches long; £5

CAHI008 Pfaff treadle £6

CAHI009 Mundlos £5

CAHI010 Singer 31k industrial £5

CAHI011 Singer Oval £5 pair, odd ones £2.75

CAHI012 Willcox and Gibbs Industrial £4

CA014 pin hinges, vgc; £3

CA015 Jones CS pin hinges £4

CA016 Pin hinges £3

CA017 Possibly Singer £3

CA019 Singer 128 £3

CA027 one Singer 66k pin hinge; £1

CA021 £3.50

CA028 £3

CA018 Push-in £3

CA096 Toyota 2700EC1; £1.50

CA128 from plastic base; £3

CA026 Possibly Vesta; £4

CAHI013; £3

CAHI014 Complicated flap hinges, possibly Jones; £5

CAHI015; £3

CAHI016 Jones CBD; £3.50

CAHI017 Flat; £2 pr

CAHI018 Stubby; £2.50

CAHI019; £3.50

CA077 Superb 12 clone; £4

CA092 Frister and Rossman E; £3.50

CA136 Singer 127; £3

CA126 Jones CS treadle flap hinges; £2.50

CA127 Jones CS treadle hinges; £5

CA117 Pin hinges; £2.50

CA115 Jones 568 hinges; £3

CA118 Pin hinges; £3

CA125 Hexagon hinges; £4

CA124 Jones CS treadle flap single hinge; £2

CA123 Jones CS treadle flap hinges with screws; £4

CA141 Pin Hinges; £3

CA140 Pin Hinges; £3
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