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Catches and Latches

Catches hold the box tops on, or the boxes closed. Or doors closed on treadles..
Some need cleaning and not all are perfect, but all are usable. I have removed the really nasty ones into the scrap-metal box...
See also the LOCKS and KEYS page
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Catches for Cabinets, Tables and Treadles

CA168 Singer 66 Parlour Cabinet catch parts; £4

CACA012 Pfaff treadle; £3.50
CA184 Door stop and catch Singer; £2.50

CACA030 sit-upon plates from Singer treadle with felts and screws; £3 pair

CACA021 Ball catch; £2.50

CACA027 Spring catch; £2.00

CACA024 Sit-upon plates 96951 Singer type 51 treadle, 1-1/2 inches long; £1 each

CACA018 parlour cabinet brackets; £1 each (2)
CACA060 Spring catches; £3.00

CACA013 Pfaff treadle - spring catch button; £1
CACA048 Sit-down plate 10mm sq; £1.00

CACA043 Ball catch 1-3/4 in; £1

Catches for Cases

CA044 Case Latches with screws £5 pair

CACA047 Little brass turn-catches from inside shuttle Singer lids; £1 each with screw

CACA049 Set from Singer crocodile case, damaged on one part; £6.50 set

CA050 Singer turn-catches from coffin-lids, technically locks but work just fine without a key; £4

CACA001 Singer coffin-top latch, matches CA050; £10 (getting hard to find..)

CA157 Husqvarna 6440 Case-top catch; £1.00

CA074 Hook; £1

CACA053 Back catch set round; £2.00
CACA054 Jones CS Back catch set; £2.50
CACA057 Governer C or Davis Vibra catch set; £5.00
CACA057A Lid catch only
CACA056 Back catch hook 19mm by 25mm square; £1.00

CA158 Catch from German machine to hold base closed; £2
CACA058 Naumann back lid catch; £1.50
CACA059 Spring catch/hold down; £2.00

CACA023 Singer 185 lid, big spring catches; £6.50 pair, odd one; £4

CACA044 Plastic swivel catches from Singer 447; £2 each

CA053 Singer catches £1 each (pair with CA051)

CA052 Singer catches, 1 screw hole £1 each

CA052a Singer catches, 35.5 x 26.5mm, 2 screw-holes £1 each
CA051 Singer catch; £1 only one in stock

CA051a Singer; £1

CA056 Later Singer box holder catches; £1 each

CA051 Singer catches, 22.5 x 23mm one in stock £1 each

CA038 Frister and Rossmann; £3 pair

CA047 Catch and plate 30mm, 32 x 26mm; £2.50
CA047a, Catch only; £1.50

CA061 L-shaped catch, Jones CS; £1

CACA004 German TS; £2.50

CA181 Vesta; £2.50 each

CACA035 Jones CS; £3

CACA032 Finger catch, 2-1/4 ins; £1

CACA033 Singer 95893; £1

CACA005 Singer 128; £3

CACA019 Jones CS set with book spring; £6

Cheney catches and similar types

CACA050 Square Cheney catches with key; £6.50
CACA050A Square Cheney catches tops only with key; £5.00
CACA051 Plated complete Cheney catches; £5.00
CACA052 Nickel plated complete Cheney catches; £5.00

CACA006 Singer late; £4

CACA009 Singer Capri; £1.50

CACA015 from card lid, tops only; £2 each; £5 for 3

CACA025 Chrome, marked "Made in Germany"; £3 pair

CA159 Cheyney catches with screws; £4

CACA034 Cheney Chrome, tops only, fair; £3 pair
CACA034a the same, but brass; £3 pair
CACA055 Cheney latch; £2.50

CACA036 Cheney Brass; £3.50 pair
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