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Treadle Belts; New, usually in stock;
Standard (5mm) £9 plus postage
Heavy Duty (6.5mm) £12.50 (In stock) plus postage
Belts for treadle fretsaws, small lathes etc to order; please ring for details
01508 548137

Treadle Belt
Please note - I do not offer items that are entirely beyond use, but it is in the nature of old machines that they get scruffy eventually. The items below are all "as seen" and you get what is in the picture.
Page updated 26th November 2015

TB028 Singer oil pan (from 128); £3

TB091 Pivot pins for treadle plate (Singer); £2.50 each

TB086 Jones CS treadle foot rest; £5

TB077 Bottom catch for Singer 201 Crocodile box; £2.50

TB076 Singer parlour cabinet hinge; £5

TB142 Knee Bar 192972 (lower one) for 3/4 sized machines (99k, 128k); £20
TB142a 192978 for Full-sized machines (201, 15, 66); £20
TB142c 192973 for Full-sized machines labelled for 201k, 15k, 66k. Rusty, looks identical to TB142a; £15
Not shown, TB142b fittings for putting these into a domed case (fastens under the nut that holds the handle); £4.50 (Out of stock)
Treadle mounting brackets
TB167 Treadle frame mounting brackets for Singer parlour treadle.
Part No 96750; £5 for set of four, £2 each
Treadle side bolts
TB168 Singer treadle side bolts
0.595 A/F 0.76 long .37 dia (inches); £2 each
treadle locking bolt
TB170Treadle locking bolt, square head
0.312 head 0.23 dia 0.43 long (inches); £1
Treadle pivot bolt
TB169Small treadle pivot bolt
0.43 dia 1.47 long (inches); £2.50

TB087 Jones CS pivots and pins from treadle plate; £5

TB088 Wooden stop; £1.50

TB083 Jones CS treadle cabinet bolt cover plates and fixings; £3

TB080 Jones CS treadle cabinet plates (hold the top on); £2.50

TB114 Infill plate for Jones CS treadle; £8
Infill plate
TB171 Singer Infill plate with screws; Out of stock
TB032c Sprung Singer square infill plate part No 124449; £10

TB079 All the metal fittings and screws from a Singer 66k parlour cabinet; £8.50

TB074 Jones CS cabinet flap; £8

TB073 Singer 66 parlour cabinet flap; £8

TB075 Oil pan, Singer 128; £3

TB082 Oil pan, Pfaff B; £3

TB001 Skirt guard with bolt with belt shifter and spring; £12.50

TB027 Heavy cast oil pan: 12-1/2 by 4-1/2 (5-1/2) inches. Marked "62"; £8

TB152 Frister and Rossmann TS oil pan, rusty underneath; £2

TB131 Vesta treadle plate and pitman; £15
This and TB129, TB130 from a VS machine

TB129 Vesta dress guard with screws; £12

TB130 bolts etc for Vesta treadle; £5

TB133 Pfaff 31 cabinet treadle underpan; £5

TB136 Pfaff 31 cabinet treadle bottom end hardware; £5

TB135 Pfaff 31 cabinet treadle top end hardware; £3.50

TB128 Vesta Oil can holder; £3

TB127 Underbox and drop-down pan from Singer wooden-side treadle; £15

TB030 Singer spring for the RH lifter/filler plate on a treadle (see below); £5

TB153 Rear belt guide from Singer 31 treadle; £3

TB037 Bits from Vesta treadle; £5

TB031 Crown washer and pin from Singer lifter/filler plate; £2

TB051 Vesta treadle parts £10 lot

TB115 Metal cabinet parts from Singer 66; £2.50

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