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Here are pedals, also known as controllers, cables and spare plugs etc.

Motors have their own page here

Electric machines can be dangerous, so don't try to repair/rewire them unless you are competent and qualified to do it.
Anything you do to an electric machine is done at your own risk, if you are not sure of what you are doing take it to a professional, to either do the work or at least check it.
Some old electric machines cannot be made safe to modern standards, usually the motor and plug need to be replaced - contact us for details.

On this page we have pedals, cables and plugs for rewiring, and complete pedal sets, consisting of of pedal, cable and plugs which are ready to use.
If you can't see a pedal set that is right for your machine, contact us we may be able to make one up for you.
Coming soon - spare motor brushes.

Complete pedal sets




Spare parts

Complete pedal sets

Checked or rewired, with a modern mains plug and the correct fuse.
compal pedal set
MOP023 Complete pedal set Compal Galaxie or Opus model j2 Compal ok: £30.00
Singer 9008 pedal set
MOP005 Singer 9008 pedal set complete Matsushita Good: £30.00
Singer 9008 pedal set
Singer 9008 pedal set complete: £30.00
rectangular pedal with 3 pin plug
MOP001 Rectangular pedal with 3 pin plug: Out of stock
We probably have an alternative to this pedal, please contact us
MCPK controller
MOP040 MCPK controller 5 pin plug complete ok: £30.00
compal pedal set
MOP023 Complete pedal set Compal Galaxie or Opus model j2 Compal ok: £30.00
U-118 controller
MOP041 U-118 controller with lead probably singer ok: £20.00
Singer button pedal set
MOP029 Singer button pedal 3 pin banana complete: £30.00
Brother pedal
MOP028 Brother type E pedal Brother ok: £20.00

Cable sets

Bernina cable set
MOP022 Bernina cable set 3 pin pedal, 4 pin machine suits 801, 802, 1000, 1005, 1008: £20.00


Bernina pedal
MOP017 Bernina Pedal Bernina ok: £40.00
MOP043 Brown button pedal no wire scruffy exterior ok inside, good rubber feet: £15.00
YDK pedal fro Bernina
MOP044 YDK YC190 pedal with bernina 2 pin plug vgc: £35.00
brown button pedal
MOP045 Brown button pedal no wire vgc, good rubber feet: £20.00
metal pedal
MOP046 metal pedal with 4 pin plug, no mains lead good: £25.00
bakelite pedal
MOP051 Metal and bakelite pedal OK: £15.00
bakelite pedal
MOP052 Metal and bakelite pedal OK: £15.00
Rectangular pedal
MOP007 Rectangular pedal with wire: £20.00
Button Pedal
MOP030 Button pedal with wire: £20.00
MOP003 Accelerator pedal with wire: £20.00
Janome, NewHome, Brother pedal
MOP018 Metal pedal for Janome/New Home/Brother used: £20.00
Bernina pedal
MOP049 Bernina type 230 bakelite pedal 3 pin socket, cracks in baseplate which have been repaired £35.00
memorycraft 8000
MOP047 Janome/Newhome Memory craft 8000 controller Good: £20.00

Plugs and Sockets

Bernina 3 blade plug
MOP020 Bernina 3 blade plug fits 700: £20.00
2 pin plug
MOP021 2 pin + earth plug: £3.00
bernina 2 pin socket
MOP037 Bernina record 730 2 pin pedal socket Bernina : £10.00

Spare parts

Bernina pedal feet
MOP050 Feet for bernina bakelite pedal 3 available: £1.00
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