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If you wish to quilt or embroider with your sewing machine, the proper foot is a must. For straight-line quilting (and for working with velvets and slippery fabrics) a Walking foot will ensure that the layers do not slip and the end result is satisfactory. Most of my quilting feet are new. If you are not sure whether one of these will fit your machine, please Click here to email me.

For free-motion quilting and embroidery, you need a Hopping Foot (also called a Darning or Freemotion foot.) You do NOT need a machine with dropping feed-dogs, nor do you need a modern machine - I quilt and freemotion quite happily on a Singer treadle which has not even discovered reverse, much less anything more sophisticated...
If you have a modern electronic machine you may need to buy the manufacturers foot..check your manual

You can buy modern plastic FM feet anywhere, but I prefer metal ones...
Quarter-inch Feet are good for piecing patchwork, as they help to keep a standard seam allowance. More on the Straight Stitch Feet page HERE
Remember to keep your zigzag turned off...
Page updated, with heavy sighing, January 16th 2018
Walking Feet
Hopping/ Darning/ Freemotion Feet
Feed Cover Plates and Lifters
Embroidery Feet and Attachments
Quarter-inch feet

Old-fashioned Methods

Quilt Foot
SF011 Singer Quilt Foot; £5
Spring Needle
QF010 Singer Spring Needle, for Free motion work; £12.50 with reproduced instructions (see above)
Be warned - these are hard to use. However, if you have a back-clamp 66 this is pretty much what you get
CLICK HERE to download the instructions as a free pdf file

QF055 Another sort of Darning Spring; £10

QF055a And Another; £10

Walking Feet

Please note - none of the High Shank feet listed below are suitable for Industrial machines, but all should work on most domestic models which take this sort of foot. Low shank feet are pretty much interchangeable on all models..
All Low Shank feet will work on Singer Featherweights

QF095 Husqvarna Viking with two soles for straight and zigzag working and guide; low shank; £45

QF095 Another Angle

QF096 Husqvarna Viking with two guides, left and right; low shank; £45

QF096 Another view

QF075 Low Shank with quilt guide; £35
These are my recommendation for almost all older machines

QF086 Singer Low Shank original. Tested on 15 class and Featherweights among others - I have had several of these sent back because people cannot fit them; you need to remove the thread cutter! No returns on these unless I have got your machine wrong, sorry; £35

OFBER011 Bernina New Type complete in box; £95

QF074 High Shank; £30

QF083 Chinese, rather cheaply made but only £25, brand new with box

QF039 Singer Slant Shank Walking Foot (unmarked); £30

QF039b Singer Slant Shank Walking Foot (Marked 5); £30
QF039c Not shown, but very like apart from being marked "6"; £30

QF068 Not really a walking foot, but hard to categorise, so it's here anyway. This is a "go any way" for a Singer Symphonie (slant shank) machine; £35

QF050 Bernina soleplate for walking foot, closed toe; £2

QF094 High Shank, new in box, with guide; £35

QF085 Husqvarna from "Red Radio" machine; £40

Embroidery Feet and Attachments

Stoppax darning attachment
QF016 Stoppax darning attachment, with reproduced instructions. Pretty rare, and great fun...£25
Mordella Embroidery attachment
QF017 Mordella Embroidery attachment with reproduced instructions. Very rare, and great fun...£25 (Sorry, out of stock, but the image is always left here so you can recognise these in odd boxes of bits)

Free-motion/ Hopping/ Darning Feet

Divided by shank type...

Low Shank

QF035 Singer Featherweight type hopping foot, fits all Low Shank machines (part number 121094 )
These are getting harder to find.. £35

QF035 now comes with a copy of MAR069, a compilation of three different Singer Darning booklets, reproduced for your delectation and enlightenment..
Booklet alone is £3.50
Metal Hopping Foot - for Darning, Free-motion quilting, Embroidery etc.
QF002 Low Shank Metal Hopping Foot - for Darning, Free-motion quilting, Embroidery etc. These are new and good quality, easy to use, and highly recommended.. £14.50

As QF002 with Open Toe; £14.50

QF098 Square, with yarn guide, possibly Elna; £15

QF037 Low Shank Metal small hoop, VG; £18.50

QF080 Small hoop, LS; £10

QF027 Low Shank, new; £10

QF087 Small upright hoop in box, low shank; £10

QF093 Janome low shank open-toe stippling foot; £15 in packet; £12 without

QF099 Pfaff 80251; £14.50

QF052 Singer 320 special foot, 181235 or 161236, VG; £37.50 (Out of Stock)

QF046 Another Singer rarity, 171071, VG; £35

QF044 Low Shank Metal round hole, VG; £10
QF038 Nice Pfaff (fits other machines) Hopping Foot
QF038 Nice Pfaff (fits other machines) Low Shank; £12.50

QF025 Low Shank Oval closed-toe; £9.50
Oval Metal Open Toe Hopping Foot
QF003 Oval Metal Open Toe; £9.50

QF054 Low Shank Singer; £10

QF073 Husqvarna Low Shank, BNIB; £20

QF028 New Low Shank (old-style; suitable for all older machines); £8.50

QF019 Low Shank Metal, with yarn slot; £12

QF047 Low Shank Singer plastic, good; £10
See below for slant shank version

QF079 Narrow slot, LS; £12.50

QF057 Low Shank Metal, small hoop; £14.50

QF101; £9.50

QF089 Janome Brand New in Box; £20

QF040 Singer Low Shank; £7.50

QF041 Low Shank Metal, round, good; £8.50

QF043 Low Shank Metal upright, good; £14.50

QF032 Tiny; £10


QF102 Pfaff plug-in type 035 960; £12.50

QF102 From another angle

High Shank

QF058 Janome High shank; new in box; £18.50

QF100 High Shank metal - this works on my 31k which has a long lift; £15

QF002b as QF002a above for High Shank machines; £14.50

QF081 Small hoop, HS; £12.50

QF078 With yarn slot, HS; £8.50

Slant Shank

QF051 Singer Slant; £12.50

QF066 Singer slant shank, good; £20

QF047a Slant Singer plastic, good; £15

QF060 Singer 161596, good; £35

Feed Cover and Raising Plates

I personally dislike these. I find that they are difficult to adjust and tend to break needles. On most machines, if you have the right foot, all you may have to do is to set the stitch length to zero and all will work just fine. If you have a machine which drops its feed-dogs, or if you are prepared to use a screwdriver and take the feed-dogs out, that's even better. However, if you must...

NP094 Feed cover plate for Pfaff; £5
NP052 as above but scruffier; £4.50

NP080 Pfaff Feed Cover; £5

NP093 Cover plate for Singer 66 and 99 class machines, also 185, 275 etc.; £7.50 (out of stock)

NP042 Singer feed-cover plate for round-bobbin 15 and 201 machines; Back in Stock! £7.50

NP044 15-class ZZ cover plate, probably from a Brother/ Janome/ New Home; £4

NP079 Feed Cover of Unknown Origin; £3 (I am informed that this looks like the one for a Brother buttonholer)

NP212 15 class?; £5

NP044a 15 class SS; £4

NP222 Singer 352150 for 327; £8.50

NP040 Plate lifter - these are for later 15 class and ZZ machines and stuff under the needle plate to raise it up. Look in your manual for the right type, which may be this one or NP041 (right); £2

NP041 See note on NP040; £2

NP189 Chain-stitch bobbin cover; £5

NPFC001, very good, Brother?; £6

NP155 Singer 189631 for 206k, 306k, 319k; £10

NP223 Singer 86080 for 27/28/127/128; £10 (Out of Stock)

NP224 I thought these were the Featherweight ones, but the needle does not meet the hole - any ideas? £10 (I was told these fit the Elna, but not the NP I have.. I do have some that fit the Elna.., Straight-stitch or zigzag, also; £10 each)

NP185 Singer 5024578 ZZ; £4

NP207 Singer, matches NP095 set above; £5

NP195 Singer Futura 381388; £5

NP195 Underneath..

NP172 Singer 700 series 506234; £4
Singer zz plate
NP015 Singer zz plate £4

NP181 507221; £4

NPFC006 Singer 700/720 507114; £4

NP124 Singer plastic feed-cover 312392; £2

NP125 White plastic feed-cover; £2

NPFC005 E and R Classic; £2

NP175 Singer 401 Raising plate 161608; £10

NP183 Singer plastic "F"; £3

NP158, new; £2
NP158a, same but black, also £2

NP188 Plastic; £1.50

NP276 From Singer slant machine; £2

NP226 Featherweight?; £12.50

NPFC011 Singer 86597 - not listed anywhere I can find, but fits the 201 nicely; £10

NP225 For Singer and other buttonhole attachments; £10

NPFC004 Longer buttonhole feed cover (82 x 77 mm); £12.50

NP202 Flat metal; £7

NPFC002 72 x 82 mm; £5
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