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Back-Clamping Singer 66 Machines

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Singer made the early 66 class machine with a back-clamping foot arrangement (as opposed to the side-clamping arrangement common elsewhere) that was not used on their other machines. Although it was superceded fairly quickly, the enormous quantity of these machines that were made, and the hard-wearing nature of all the early machines, mean that there are still many in circulation. So these are useful still.

I don't get many back-clamping attachments, and some types of feet have never been available for these machines. If you want to do quilting or machine embroidery on a vintage machine, I recommend you look for a 15 class machine....

MAR023 Repro manual for Back-clamp 66 Singer; £8.50
Original manuals here
Page rebuilt from the ground up, with a shovel and tweezers and a pair of fireproof trousers, February 10th 2015, and checked over 1st October 2015..

I have had a nice back-clamping Lotus treadle in stock, so I have tested all the rufflers...

(Note; Unlike most of my pages, I leave things on here, for reference and because they vary very little. I do keep the prices and "out of stock" notices absolutely up-to-date... (latest, July 13th 2017)

You will know if you have a Back Clamp machine if its ordinary foot looks like this:-
Back Clamp sewing machine foot

BC012a (left) 32601; £4.50
BC012d (right) 32559; £4.50 (Out of stock)

BC012b Foot attaching part with screws; £8.50

BC012c Both together; £12.50
(See left) BC012e Foot-attaching screw (the big one) on its own; £1.50

BC019 Zip/Piping Very rare; £20 (out of Stock)
Back Clamp Narrow Hemmer
BC004 Narrow Hemmer; £2-50

BC018 Zip/Piping - Home-made; £6

BC017 False Hemstitcher (with instructions); £20 (Out of Stock)

BC016 Slotted (shirring); £5 (Sorry, out of stock)

Another view of BC016
Back Clamp Ruffler foot
BC006 Intermediate Ruffler (5 + 1); £8

BC008 Oldest-style Ruffler, marked "Singer 66"; £10 (Out of Stock)

BC014 Later 5+ 1 Ruffler; £12 (Out of stock)
Back Clamp Adjustable Hemmer Foot
BC003 Adjustable Hemmer; £5-00
Back Clamp Binder Foot
BC009 Binder; £4
Back Clamp Quilt Foot
BC005 Quilt with guide bar; £7
Back Clamp Tuck Marker
BC001 Later type Tuck Marker; £8

BC002 Oldest style Tuck Marker; £10

BC013 Intermediate Tuck Marker; £8

This is a typical Back-clamp set with green card box, comprising seam guide and screw, binder, shirring plate, underbraider, ruffler, quilt foot, bias guage, adjustable hemmer, tuckmarker (like BC001 above, not this type), and narrow hemmer; Normally £45
( £54.50 worth...)
I make these up to order only, and the boxes may not be marked for 66 class machine. Real early boxes are black and tend to be Very Scruffy..
I can make up partial sets if you wish
And, of course you can convert these to side-clamping if you wish - it's a simple job (tutorial HERE)

The kit (replacement bar, foot, and thumbscrew, with instructions) is £10
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