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I am unlikely to get many of these. The only source is now from breaking machines, and I try not to do too much of that. Some are really quite poor (note that what you see is the item you will get) and many need cleaning. If you want an immaculate machine it's easier to buy a good one than restore an indifferent specimen..
I don't list Reproduction cranks as Genuine Singer - note below.. The Chinese ones are very poor
Please note that all of these are heavy, and postage to the US will be up to the same amount again..
I also have one or two broken Singer and Jones ones, and a German TS one for parts, please ask or look at the bottom of the page...
All Singer cranks come with a fixing screw. Others only if shown.

Page updated 16th January 2015, with some muttering.. I've not finished, but I have had enough for tonight - NOTE - new items are now at the TOP of the page..
But Parts are at the bottom.

HC115 UI, with welding, only passable but funny; £25

HC087 Singer with nice decals; £35

HC098 UI; £30

HC061 Vesta big wheel; £30

HC080 Singer black, from round-bobbin machine, good; £35

HC100 Singer, dirty but usable; £30

HC083 Singer, from shuttle (27/28/127/128) machine; £30

HC082 Unidentified, probably from TS machine ; £25

HC079 Harris 2H TS, almost certainly made by Vesta; £30

HC077 Singer Round-bobbin; £30

HC071 Singer Round-bobbin, good; £35

HC069 Singer 12; £40
Cream repro Singer Hand Crank
HC037 Cream Repro, usable, good condition (Singer type); £25

HC033 Singer 66 Back-clamp, dirty; £25
German TS Hand Crank
HC002 German TS £20
Vickers Hand Crank
HC005 Vickers £20
Regina TS Hand Crank
HC012 Regina TS £25
Harris OS Hand Crank
HC013 Harris OS £20

HC070 Mundlos; £25


HC117 (left) and HC116 (right). These are "Add-on Plates" - cast lumps designed to make it possible to add a crank to a machine without the requisite lump in the casting - that is machines that were never designed to be anything but treadles. The casting requires drilling and tapping, and then the add-on plate acts as a locating device.. Not for the faint-hearted, and please don't do this unless you must; on your own head, and all that; £7.50 each

Same from the back, plus the undrilled one below

HC117a, undrilled; £7

And then there's this - HC118 Add-on Plate with lumpy ideas, undrilled.. You tell me; £5

HC101 Blanking Plate - these are to cover up the bit where the crank or motor might go, on your treadle... With fixing screw; £5

HC122 Assorted Fingers - £1.50 nude; £2 with leather bit or a pin; £2.50 with both..
This is the bit that meets the wheel..
Also (not shown) leather pieces to make your fingers quieter, nicely cut and punched for sewing onto your own machine, with a length of suitable strong thread; £1.50. Black or any colour you like...

HC090 Bakelite handle (probably Jones) with bolt; £6.50
Singer Hand Crank Handle
HC045 Singer Handle with replaced bolt - works but not elegant; £5

HC103 China handle with fixings, probably German; £8.50

HC106 Unused Singer handles, beech wood, with bolt bits; £7.50 each
NOTE these are bolts designed to be bashed into place like a rivet.. I can supply a threaded bolt if required but you may have to file out the hole.. I'm also making a page of new handles with instructions on how to fit these or send the parts for fitting by us.. Watch this space, please
Hand Crank Handle
HC062 From 12 class clone

HC119 Handle; £7.50

HC120 Singer 94031, good; £3.50

HC121 Singer with wooden handle part; £6.50

HC094 Jones CS and similar Handle and Gear; £8.50

HC111 Gear and crank, UI; £3.50
Singer Hand Crank Back Plate and Finger
HC063 Singer Back Plate and Finger; £5
Vesta Hand Crank Back Plate
HC055 Vesta Back Plate; £8.50

HC058 Backplate from Singer 12; £6

HC108 Back plate and leg from German FR clone TS; £6

HC112 Back plate from Jones CS; £3.50
Singer Hand Crank Back Plate
HC046 Singer Back Plate; £3
 Singer Hand Crank Gear Cover Rings
HC042 Black Singer Gear Cover Rings; £3 each
Not shown, HC042a Brown similar; £3

HC109 Gear cover from German FR clone TS; £2

HC057 Gear cover from Singer 12; £5

HC091 Jones Gear Cover; £1.50

HC095 Jones CS Gear Cover; £2
Vesta  Hand Crank Gear Cover Ring
HC052 Vesta Hand Crank Gear Cover Ring, poor; £2.50
Centre Bolt for Singer Hand Crank
HC063a Centre Bolt for Singer Hand Crank; £2

HC093 Jones CS (fits Empress, square Jones) Centre Bolt; £1.50
Singer Hand Crank or Motor Fixing Screws
HC049 Singer Hand Crank/ Motor Fixing Screws - plain; £1 each, with hex head; £1.50 each
Other machine types available

HC089 Jones CS Finger and Gear; £3.50
Vesta Hand Crank Gear and Finger
HC054 Vesta Gear and Finger; £4

HC059 Gear and Finger from Singer 12; £6.50
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