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On this (new) page I have put all the bobbin cases, removeable and fixed, and removed them gently from the Races and Hooks page, which was getting rather silly.

I keep modern, good-quality TESTED metal bobbins for 66k, 99k, 201k, 15k Singers (see HERE) and I try to have at least some bobbins and shuttles for older and more obscure machines. I prefer not to supply the latter for machines that are not being used - if you just want to put it on the shelf and admire it, please do not order "extras"..
If you have a working shuttle, look after it, please..
If you have a particular need, please be precise - machine model number, length and width of bobbins, type of shuttle etc..
I also have shuttle adjustment keys, and hooks....
Page remade with minor corrections, covered in (raspberry) jam and left out to attract wasps (or ghosts), on Hallowe'en night (31st October) 2015 and subsequently, many times...

Removeable Bobbin Cases

Pretty much all of the items on this page are second-hand but in good condition as far as I know.. If new, this will be noted

BB004 Bobbin case for 15 class Singer and many similar machines; £5
Most of these are generic and quite as good as the original specifications.. All are cleaned, adjusted, and checked
BB004a Singer 15277; £7
BB004b Singer 81417; £7
BB004c Singer 39824; £7

BB113 Bernina Black Latch Bobbin case; £20
BB113a standard Bernina; £12.50

BB029 Industrial bobbin case; £5

BB063 Brother 055 bobbin case; £5

BB088 Left-handed! For some later Singer 15s, Jones, Chapman and others.. hard to find, New; £15

BB026 Singer (96k and others) Industrial bobbin case; £5 New, £4.50 used

BB014 Frister and Rossman bobbin case, fits most models including Cub; £7.50

BB142 Viking; £10

BB151 Bernina 840 (takes Featherweight bobbins BB149); SOLD

BB180 Latches for the above, new; £3 each

BB075 Riccar and 5 bobbins, vg; £20

BBC028a Pfaff 8076; £6

BBC029 Open, Simanco USA 237168; £6

BBC046 Large, with 2 bobbins; £15

BBC001 Viking, with one bobbin, new; £20

BBC002 Riccar, with one bobbin; £10

BBC003 Simanco 10361388 with bobbin - biggest I have.. (For a Singer 21W...); £20

BBC023 Alfa; £7

BB074 Willcox and Gibbs Industrial High-speed Lockstitch USA; £10
BB074a As BB074 but marked GB; £10

See left

BB166 New springs for the cases above; £3 each

BBC004 Semi-open industrial? Not Singer 306?; £7.50

BBC026 You tell me? Simanco 19977, poor; £5

Drop-in Bobbin Cases

These don't usually come out unless they need to be cleaned behind or whatever.. If you have a 201, 66 or 99 class Singer and you think the bobbin case is missing, it probably isn't...

BB060 Singer 66k Back-clamp bobbin-case and hold-down parts; £8

BB101 Singer 66/99 bobbin case; £6
BB101a, with hold-down; £8

BB056 Singer 427; £6

BBC007 Singer 507493 (model 478); £7

BB103 Singer 507193; £6

BB104; £6

BB100 Singer 172082; £6

BB187 Singer 185 later models; £7

BB122a Singer 7106; £8

BBC032 Singer 201; £10

BBC022 Singer 32590; £6

BB102 Singer 720827; £6

BB112a Singer Capri; £6

BB174 Singer 327, 179505; £7

BBC039 Singer 72082-1; £6

BBC038 Singer 72082-4; £6

BBC018 Elna; £10

BBC020 Memorycraft 6000; £10

BB173 Brother Compal Opus; £10

BB163 Janome Horizon 8000; £15

BBC030 Singer 81017 (SKU pd 60-81017), new; £15. Also one used; £12

BBC010 New Home M7000; £10

BBC034; £8.50

BBC035 Singer, with one wind-in-place bobbin; £10

BBC036; £8.50

BBC037 Singer? 15458; £4

BBC041 Singer 7446; £10

Drop-in Bobbin Cases with Hold-downs and Bits

BB185 Singer 8209; £7

BB116 Singer Capri; £10
BB112a Bobbin case only; £6

BBC028; £10

BBC017 Singer 9008; £10

BBC042 Singer Samba with extra bobbin case; £10

BBC031 Singer 368; £9.50

BBC043 BC hold-downs; £1 each

BBC044 Positioning spring from Singer 401, 403, 404, 500, 503; £3.50

BBC045 Positioning spring from Singer 700; £3.50

BBC012 Singer Capri/507/141; £10
BBC012a Bobbin case only; £7.50

BBC014 Singer Merritt; £10

BBC015 Singer 427; £10


RA003 Cresta Autostitch bobbin case/hook; £6

RA072; £5

RA071; £8

RA076 Singer T and S; £8

RA097 Cresta; £6

RA153 Cresta; £5

BBC019 BC 03ZPS165 No spring; £5

BBC016 Singer 149064; £10

BBC026a Industrial; £6
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