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How To Fettle a Treadle - Page 2

Next, loosen the treadle plate. Unless the bolts are really poor, I usually just take out the right-hand end one completely, and if you service your treadle regularly, you will only undo this end. You need to loosen the locking nut with a well-fitting spanner

Then use a biggish flat-bladed screwdriver to take the bolt out completely. You will have noticed my short screwdriver in the Tools at the beginning - if you are servicing a cabinet treadle this is essential

This is the left-hand end - you can see the pivot point on the bolt - clean this with your wire brush

And this is the bolt from the other end, complete with its locking nut

The plate should now be free from the frame. The bar underneath will be really disgusting and can be cleaned now

Next, undo the drive wheel with a spanner and screwdriver like you did with the treadle plate...

The big wheel is both heavy and brittle - support it nicely in the interests of your toes

The wheel also has pivot points, this time on the cranked axle which drives it round

The axle is removed by undoing a square-headed screw

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