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Page updated 21st September 2015


EF269 Scissors "UK" 6-1/2"; £5

EF270 Shears "Richards Sheffield England", 7-1/2"; £9.50

EF261 Folding scissors "Halm" 4"/2-1/4"; £2.50

EF261 Folded

EF264 Scissors "Butler Sheffield", 5-3/4"; £5

EF256 Singer shears, 8-1/4"; £12.50
8-1/2 inch tailors shears William Rogers Sheffield
EF225 8-1/2 inch tailors shears William Rogers Sheffield; £7.50
10 inch Pinkfine pinking shears
EF223 10 inch Pinkfine pinking shears, made in Italy; £20
8-1/4 inch Wingfield and Co Scissors
EF222 8-1/4 inch Wingfield and Co Scissors; £3.50
Candle Wick Trimming shears
EF203 Candle Wick Trimming shears; £5

Seam Rippers and Stilettoes, and Punches

Eyelet setting tools
TO961 Eyelet setting tools; £1

Embroidery Frames

I have stopped offering these, as they sell soooo slowly.. sorry

Silk Painting Frames

Embroidery frames
EF217 Set of interlocking bars, 2 x 12 inch pairs, 10 inch pair, 6 inch pair; New; £7.50
Also, not shown but identical; EF217a, as above but with pairs of bars of 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 and 16 inches; £10
and (also not shown) EF250 2 pairs of 12 inch bars, used once; £3.50
All designed to be used with drawing pins or similar to stretch fabrics for painting

Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery Hoops
EF235 New Embroidery Hoops with screw adjusters
Good quality beech wood
A; 4 inch; £2.25 £1.10
B; 5 inch; £2.50 £1.25
C; 5-1/2 inch; £2.75 £1.35
D; 6 inch; £3.50 £1.75
E; 7 inch; £4 £2
F; 8 inch; £4.50 £2.25
G; 9-1/2 inch; £5 £2.50
H; 12 inch; £6.25 £3.10

All hoops half-price to clear, if not gone soon I will remove these to the discard box

EF236 Bound 6-1/2 inch hoop; £4 £2

EF131 Plain 4 inch hoop, slightly deeper; £1 50p

Singercraft Tools

- used to make fringes and rugs with the sewing machine. Easy to use and quite fun... Contain a small blade, so mind your fingers..Come with reproduced full instructions
Singercraft Tool
EF156, plain version; £15
Not shown; EF156a Spare blade and holder for the above, as new; £4
Singercraft Tool
EF154 Silver 120987, with good blade; £25
EF154a, Not shown, as EF154 but with a black handle; £25
EF167a Spare blade holder 120983 for the above; £2
EF167b Spare blade, new in packet; £5
EF167c another type of blade holder 86586; £2
Singercraft Tool in action
In action..

Rugmaking Tools

Have been moved to a new page Click Here

Punch Needle Tools

Fairy Of The Home
EF252A Fairy Of The Home embroidery tool - a patented gadget with charming and improbably hyperbolic instructions, with original box and instructions (these are fragile so you get a repro copy too), slightly foxed; £20

Hand Sewing Tools

Daga Darning Tool
EF208 Daga Darning Tool, with box, sample, and instructions (The instructions are fragile; you will get a copy as well as the original); £20
Darning mushrooms with internal lights
EF221 Darning mushrooms with internal lights. One complete and may work (not tested); £3, another not quite all there; £2
Big Bodaceous Bent Needle
EF173 Big Bodaceous Bent Needle; £1
T0928 Tracing Wheel
T0928 Tracing Wheel; 6-1/2 ins; Brass, steel and wood; £4

TO971 Singer Tracing Wheel; £3.50
Tracing wheels
EF230 Tracing wheels; £4 each
Tracing wheel
EF246 Tracing wheel, 7-1/2 inches; £5
flat bodkins and elastic threaders
EF146 flat bodkins and elastic threaders; 50p each
Small steel needlecase
EF231 Small steel needlecase; £2
Penelope Ribbon Threader
EF241 Penelope Ribbon Threader; £3
Steel measuring guages
EF238 Steel measuring guages, very useful, new; £5 each
Singer Bias Guages
M009 Singer Bias Guages - attach to your scissors to let you cut an even width of binding; £4 each
Singer Skirt Marker
EF205 Singer Skirt Marker, base, puffer, box and instructions (no ruler); £8
Singer Skirt Marker
EF185 Singer Skirt Marker, base, puffer, and instructions only, in box, no ruler; £8
Singer Skirt Marker
EF184 Complete Singer Skirt Marker with ruler; £25

Looms and Weaving

Netting Needle
EF122 Netting Needle, nicely patinated. I have a few of these. Approx 10-1/2 inches; £2 each


Odd retracting hook, pretty,  possibly for mending knits
EF171 Odd retracting hook, pretty, possibly for mending knits; £3.50
Hook with cork handle
EF172 Hook with cork handle; £1
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