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EF269 Scissors "UK" 6-1/2"; £5

EF266 Richards' "Snip-Snap" Sheffield, 8-1/2 inches; £5

EF270 Shears "Richards Sheffield England", 7-1/2"; £9.50

EF274 Richards 6-3/4 inches; £8.50

EF261 Folding scissors "Halm" 4"/2-1/4"; £2.50

EF261 Folded

EF275 Bennett and Herron, 4-3/4 inches; £5

EF264 Scissors "Butler Sheffield", 5-3/4"; £5

EF256 Singer shears, 8-1/4"; £12.50

EF276 Singer Embroidery; £6

EF298 Embroidery 3-1/2 inches; £3.50

TOSC001 Shears, 10-3/4 inches, very good; £25

TOSC002 Kai Japan N5210, 8-1/2 inches, very good; £20

TOSC003 Singer Buttonhole scissors (these cut only to the length set), 4-3/4 inches, good; £15

TOSC007 James Delamar, 3-1/8 inches; £1.50

TOSC006 "Made in Sheffield", 3-5/8 inches; £2

TOSC009 Stainless Steel, 4-7/8 inches; £3

TOSC012 "Cross-stitch", very pointy, new; £2
Not shown: TOSC012a, new, as above but marked "M"; £2

TOSC008 Manicare Stainless, 3-5/8 inches, with petal ends, very good; £2

TOSC011 3-3/4 inches, very good; £2
8-1/2 inch tailors shears William Rogers Sheffield
EF225 8-1/2 inch tailors shears William Rogers Sheffield; £7.50
8-1/4 inch Wingfield and Co Scissors
EF222 8-1/4 inch Wingfield and Co; £3.50

TOSC005 Cranked, 5-1/2 inches, fair; £3.50

Pinking Shears

Make a zig-zagged edge for quick finishing or decoration..
All pinking shears work best on a single layer of fabric and should not be expected to cut right to the inner edges of the blades

EF303 Pinking shears, Sheffield, 8-1/2 inches, with box; £15
10 inch Pinkfine pinking shears
EF223 10 inch Pinkfine pinking shears, made in Italy; £20

Scissory Things That Might Not Be Quite Scissors

TOSC004 Cigar-cutters, 2-1/4 inches; £5
Candle Wick Trimming shears
EF203 Candle Wick Trimming shears; £5

Stilettoes, and Poking Tools

EF285 Bone handle, 4-1/8 inches; £3

EF286 Lace pricker, wood, 3-1/2 inches; £2.50

TO972 Metal, 2-3/8 inches; £2

Seam Rippers

Singer unpicker, green; £4

EF312 Big Yellow; £3

EF313 German; £3.50

EF277 Necchi; £3

EF281 Quickunpic, Assorted colours; £1

EF314 Singer fold-down metal threader-and-unpicker. Very good, but this has a Very Sharp Blade and you have to convince me you are Old Enough; £20

Buttonhole Cutters

EF315a Bernina with cutting block, 3/8 inch cut; £5

EF315b, Bernina with cutting block, 1/2 inch cut; £5

TO1043 Neat enclosed box with interchangeable blades; £15

TO1043 Closed

TO1050 Blades only, 3/8 and 5/8 inches; £1.50 pair

Gauges and Measures

Singer Bias Guages
M009 Singer Bias Guages - attach to your scissors to let you cut an even width of binding; £4 each

EF114 "Hemline" with card; £2.50

EF272 Singer; £1.50

EF295 Dritz; £1.50

TOME001 Delyta, on card; £5

TOME002 Clinton adjustable pleat marker, metal; £5

TOME003 From Singer slant-shank set - useful marker; £3

TOME004 Steel buttonhole placement marker; £3

TOME005 Not really, but this is for polishing your uniform buttons, so I felt it fitted here
6-3/4 inches of nice brass; £3

Embroidery Frames

I have stopped offering these, as they sell soooo slowly.. sorry

Silk Painting Frames

Embroidery frames
EF217 Set of interlocking bars, 2 x 12 inch pairs, 10 inch pair, 6 inch pair; New; £7.50
Also, not shown but identical; EF217a, as above but with pairs of bars of 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 and 16 inches; £10
and (also not shown) EF250 2 pairs of 12 inch bars, used once; £3.50
All designed to be used with drawing pins or similar to stretch fabrics for painting, or can be used for embroidery or as internal frames for work...

Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery Hoops
EF235 New Embroidery Hoops with screw adjusters
Good quality beech wood
B; 5 inch; £2.50 £1.25
C; 5-1/2 inch; £2.75 £1.35
D; 6 inch; £3.50 £1.75
E; 7 inch; £4 £2
G; 9-1/2 inch; £5 £2.50
H; 12 inch; £6.25 £3.10

All hoops half-price to clear, if not gone soon I will remove these to the discard box

EF131 Plain 4 inch hoop, slightly deeper; £1 50p

Singercraft Tools

- are used to make fringes and rugs with the sewing machine. Easy to use and quite fun... Contain a small blade, so mind your fingers..Come with reproduced full instructions
Singercraft Tool
EF156, plain version; £15
Not shown; EF156a Spare blade and holder for the above, as new; £4
Singercraft Tool
EF154 Silver 120987, with good blade; £25
EF154a, Not shown, as EF154 but with a black handle; £25
EF167a Spare blade holder 120983 for the above; £2
EF167b Spare blade, new in packet; £5
EF167c another type of blade holder 86586; £2

Hemstitcher Bars

EF248 Stoppax Hemstitching fork with instructions and original packet; £20

Punch Needle and Rugmaking Tools

Have been moved to a new page Click Here

Darning Tools

Daga Darning Tool
EF208 Daga Darning Tool, with box, sample, and instructions (The instructions are fragile; you will get a copy as well as the original); £20
Darning mushrooms with internal lights
EF221 Darning mushrooms with internal lights. One complete and may work (not tested); £3, another not quite all there; £2

EF316 Darning Mushroom; wood, good, 4 inches high £2.50

EF291 Cornells "Marvel" Patent Darner (the top is full of steel fuzz); £6.50

EF291 Side

EF291 Underneath

EF320 Incomplete Ebor darner with box and repro instructions; £6.50

EF320 Underneath

Tracing Wheels and Marking Tools

T0928 Tracing Wheel
T0928 Brass, steel and wood; 6-1/2 ins; £4

TO971 Singer Green plastic; £3.50
Tracing wheels
EF230 Wood handle; £4 each
Tracing wheel
EF246 Fancy wooden handle, very sharp, 7-1/2 inches; £5

TOMARK001 Wooden handle; £4

TOMARK002 Dyno, Red plastic handle; £2

Big and Special Needles, and Needle Storage

Big Bodaceous Bent Needle
EF173 Big Bodaceous Bent Needle; £1
flat bodkins and elastic threaders
EF146 flat bodkins and elastic threaders; 50p each
Small steel needlecase
EF231 Small steel needlecase; £2
Penelope Ribbon Threader
EF241 Penelope Ribbon Threader; £3

EF302 Double-ended bodkin; £1

EF258 Wallet with contents as shown, 4 by 2 inches; £5

EF259 Wallet with contents as shown, 4 by 2 inches; £5

TONE001 Needle Case, small repair, with contents; £10


Skirt Hem Markers

Singer Skirt Marker
EF205 Singer Skirt Marker, base, puffer, box and instructions (no ruler); £8
Singer Skirt Marker
EF185 Singer Skirt Marker, base, puffer, and instructions only, in box, no ruler; £8
Singer Skirt Marker
EF184 Complete Singer Skirt Marker with ruler; £25

Looms and Weaving

Netting Needle
EF122 Netting Needle, nicely patinated. I have a few of these. Approx 10-1/2 inches; £2 each

EF319 Lucet; £3.50

Setters and Punches

Eyelet setting tools
TO961 Eyelet setting tools; £1

TOODD001 Assorted punch tools, setters, etc.; £3
Both these lots together for £3.50

And Finally...

Odd retracting hook, pretty,  possibly for mending knits
EF171 Odd retracting hook, pretty, possibly for mending knits; £3.50
Hook with cork handle
EF172 Hook with cork handle; £1

EF280 Steel button hook; £1.50

EF317 Shrimpton's Simplex patent folding hook; £5

EF317 Open

EF318 Stocking mender - tiny latch hook in a 3-1/2 inch cover with a thumb-holder.. Aluminium, very nice; £5

TOODD002 Loom Setter; £25
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