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Narrow Hemming Feet

Not my favourite feet, but very cheap.. If you order any other item you can have one basic narrow hemmer free...
All in pretty good condition, these are too common to want to preserve rusty ones..

Not easy to use, need practice.. Fun if you can do it; sometimes I show off in company.

The tiny differences probably make No Odds, but I do like to know..

If I say what these came from, I'm sure, if not, please feel free to say
Additional information is always welcome..

Please quote the Stock number when ordering...
Page remade with heavy sighs, October 7th 2015

Theoretically Standard Items

Singer (with Part Number) (30 pence each) All for zigzag if needed

OF356 (35996)

OF361 (161671)

OF375 (120842)

OF376 (120855)

Pfaff (with Part Number) Straight and zigzag..

OF366 (80232); £1

OF354 (847661); £1

OF365 Pair (41248, 46261); £3.50

For Older (Transverse shuttle and VS machines), straight-stitch

OF357 pair; £2.50

OF358 pair; £2.50

OF359 narrow; £1

OF360 wider; £1

OF350; 50p

All manner of oddments (30p each unless otherwise noted)


OF373; 50p

OF372; 50p

OF368 Steampunk!; £1.50


OF364; £1.50

OF352; 50p

OF362, marked '111'; 50p

OF351 Jones/Brother with covers; 50p

OFHE001 With box; £1

OFHE004 Greist rivetted; £1

OFHE005 Marked "025"; 50p

These are hinged - most unusual. £1.50 each




OFHE002 Husqvarna 3035

And Adjustables..

SF006 And these are the standard Singer adjustable hemmers - interestingly, I've never seen a copy of these by any other maker; £4
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