Knobs and Control Mechanisms

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Knobs get damaged a lot.. If you are missing a dial from a Tension Unit it may be on the relevant page

Knobs and Dials and Assorted Thingumajigs (and some Levers)

Knobs and Dials Singer Italian with clutch
KN019 Singer Italian with clutch; £2.50
Knobs and Dials Singer Capri dial
KN020 Singer Capri dial; £1.50
Knobs and Dials Vesta VS III Reverse Lever
KN028 Vesta VS III Reverse Lever; £5
Knobs and Dials Toyota 2700 EC1
KN021 Toyota 2700 EC1; £1.50
Knobs and Dials Singer 478
KN024 Singer 478; £2
Knobs and Dials Singer 522
KN022 Singer 522; £2
Knobs and Dials Jones 461
KN023 Jones 461; £3
Knobs and Dials
KN032 I don't know; £1
Knobs and Dials Jones 942
KN025 Jones 942; £1.50
Knobs and Dials Jones Auto HS
KN026 Jones Auto HS; £2
Knobs and Dials Late Singer 15k Drop-feed knob
KN027 Late Singer 15k Drop-feed knob; £1
Knobs and Dials Husqvarna Viking 6440
KN033 Husqvarna Viking 6440; £2

KN099 Singer 7108; £2

KN098 Stitch Lever, Jones CS; £5
Knobs and Dials Husqvarna Viking 6440
KN035 Husqvarna Viking 6440; £2
Knobs and Dials Toyota 800
KN038 Toyota 800; £3
Knobs and Dials Singer T & S 626
KN042 Singer T & S 626; £2.50
Knobs and Dials Viking 3010
KN043 Viking 3010; £3.50
Knobs and Dials Viking 3010 Needle Position
KN044 Viking 3010 Needle Position; £2.50
Knobs and Dials
KN079; £3

KN162 Cresta; £3

KN154 Cresta stitch lever etc.; £5

KN155 Cresta stitch length and bits; £4.50

KN160 Bernina lid catch, new; £2.50

KN159 Bernina stitch length, new; £5

KN157 Bernina 830 ZZ knob 30817204 black, new; £6

KN158a Bernina; £2.50

Control Panels

Husqvarna Viking 6440 Control Panel
KN034 Husqvarna Viking 6440; £7.50


As it says - the lever at the back to raise the presser-foot. Surprisingly often broken... With fixing screw only if shown, so keep your old one.
All £3
Singer Capri Foot-Lifter
KN009 Singer Capri
Singer 478 Foot-Lifter
KN010 Singer 478
Singer 15 Foot-Lifter
KN011 Singer 15
KN012 ?
Federation Foot-Lifter
KN013 Federation
Singer 522 Foot-Lifter
KN014 Singer 522
Vesta Foot-Lifter
KN030 Singer 31k15

KN091 Singer 66 032536
Pfaff B TS Foot-Lifter
KN049 Pfaff B TS (poor)
Singer T & S 626 Foot-Lifter
KN050 Singer T & S 626

KN097 Jones CS

KN093 Singer 99 33620

KN094 Pfaff TS

KN092 Early Singer 28/128/27/127

KN100 Late Singer 128/127

KN096 ?

KN161 Cresta


KN147 New Home 677

KN126 Biesholt and Locke

KN125 Singer 15

KN105 Cosson

KN104 Singer 201 66564

KN129 Singer 413

KN128 Singer 15 55621

KN127 Frister and Rossmann TS

Presser Foot Control/Pressure Knobs

Brother Presser Foot Control Knob
KN041 Brother; £2
Jones CS Presser Foot Control Knob
KN017 Jones CS; £2

KN029 Vesta VS III; £2
Vesta TS Presser Foot Control Knob
KN018 Vesta TS; £2

KN057 Singer for most black models; £1

KN097 German TS; £4.50
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